Picnic to Remember-Jawahar Kunj Garden, Barrackpore

Picnic to Remember-

Jawahar Kunj Garden, Barrackpore

There are various ways in which a man entertains himself. Picnic is kind of open air entertainment. We the “7-11RIS offshore ”  team of Cognizant Technology solution(CTS) had a trip to Jawahar Kunj Garden, Barrackpore on 21st Jan 2012.The purpose of picnic was to make a well and good relationship among team members. Picnic served its purpose well.

It was a chilled and praising morning around 8 o’clock; we had a hot tea in front of Nicco Park Kolkata which was our scheduled boarding point. We expected 21 members from our team would join for the trip, but only 14 turned up, even as we felt let down for a moment, we cheered up for making the most of the time… 

We started our journey at 9:00 am from Nicco Park Kolkata though it was scheduled at 8:00 am. We were in rhythm with “why this kolaveri di” initiated by our team Manager Ganesh Kumar, then after “ringa ringa ringa ringa re”.Our entertainment was gearing up with multiple flavors of songs (English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla).


In this way, laughing, talking and enjoying we reached Jawahar Kunj Garden, Barrackpore exactly at 10:10 am. Now our enjoyment was heightened by the natural beauty, the bright sunlight, and the perfect silence of nature. We had booked spot no-6 in the garden. There were more than 20 parties around us. Adjacent to us there was a group of people who came with guitar and drum singing”amar bou boleche morte amay” (my wife said me to die).

It’s around 10:30, time for breakfast the food was ready with kachori, aloo dum and boiled egg. Truly speaking the food was incomparable. After taking breakfast we roamed around the garden. The garden was full of colorful flowers, water fountains; swings etc. Some of us played with swings, which recollected our childhood life.

Fortunately we had been provided with a cricket bat by the help of Bapi da’s friend. We had divided our self into two teams among us. Team-1 players were Ganesh, Tabish, Balram, Atri, Trilochan, Uday whereas Team-2 had Dipankar, Sanjay, Debasis, Prateek, Shihad, Gopinath, Sagnik. The rules of our match were quite different, because of space complexity, like hitting a six will be declared as out. Shihad was the main player of attraction during the cricket match. He got out twice by hitting 6 only.



During the match the ball hit one lady of different picnic party. Immediately one of them replied “Ami Ball dabona”(I will not return you d ball).I rushed to them and taken the ball by simply saying “Sorry, it won’t happen again”. Ganesh, Tabish, Balaram, Atri, Trilochan, Uday played very well and won the match twice. All of enjoyed the match a lot meanwhile it was a kind of exercise that we need apart from our routine life.


Post cricket we had our lunch and the dishes were rumali roti, pulav, chicken gravy, mattar paneer, vegetable salad, Chips etc. Qualitatively and quantitatively food was good.



A journey may be undertaken in various ways-by a train by a motor car, or by an airplane. But it becomes most interesting when undertaken on a boat. We walked straight to the bank of Holy River Ganga after taking 15 minutes walk from Jawahar Kunj Garden to enjoy boat trip to Srirampur.It was completely a peaceful, traffic less, pollution free journey.


It was around 5:30 PM the perfect time to take tea. So after taking tea we returned back to Barrackpore as we had to take bus from there.

The entire trip was awesome and Shihad given a proposal to have such kind of trip in every quarter. All of us agreed with him and we expect more participation in further trip to make enjoyment beyond imagination.

In a nutshell I would like to say we realized the value of team spirit and we knew each other better by the internal qualities among us. The pleasant experience is still in our mind and will remain forever.






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